Russ & Daughters

For this past Mother’s Day, my mom, sister, and I got up bright and early (on a Sunday, love you mom) and headed downtown to Russ & Daughters.

Russ & Daughters Cafe opened in 2014, on the 100th anniversary of Russ & Daughters — the world-famous appetizing store and New York City institution. After a century in which generations of customers patiently waited in line at the store; it was time to give everyone a place to sit down.


If you couldn’t tell from the matzo ball soup, bagels, and smoked salmon, Russ & Daughters serves top quality “jewish delicatessen” food. From caviar to chocolate babka, there is something for everyone in their store and cafe. Now run by the 4th generation of the Russ family, you’d be hard pressed to find better lox in New York City. Most of the time there is little wait, but like most places in New York City, standard peak times like weekends and lunch time are definitely not the best times to go. But I would say that it’s worth the wait.


To find out more (or to ship a chocolate babka to your door) visit:


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The City Bakery

Location: 18th St between 5th/6th Ave

My earliest memories at The City Bakery are of my mom treating me to vanilla sandies after school. (For those of you that don’t know what sandies are, they are buttery pecan cookies). 8 year old me was more often than not, starving after my ballet classes, so I practically inhaled them. Although only the peanut butter version survives today, it is still one of my favorite spots.

Lab classes at Hunter-Bellevue have brought me far enough downtown to let me enjoy twice-weekly study sessions here. There is wifi, but no power outlets. However, some seats are cushioned which is a must for me if I need to study for a few hours straight. There is additional seating upstairs, and even though it gets pretty crowded, I usually don’t have much trouble getting  a seat.

I always buy a Baker’s muffin. Let me guess, you just asked yourself, “What is a Baker’s muffin?” I know because this is always the question I get after I tell someone about my favorite muffin. This huge muffin has a crunchy caramelized top, and a soft but dense base, speckled with raisins and walnuts. The dough is designed to pull apart easily, which also increases the surface area for apple pie-like spices. If you are lucky enough to snag one in the morning, the base is still warm, golden, crispy, and caramelized. The pretzel croissants are fantastic right out of the oven too. It is a plain croissant with sesame seeds. If you like salty snacks, this is for you. There is a large cold bar and other warm prepared foods available in addition to the bakery items.

Be sure to stop by in February for a month of flavored hot chocolates! So far banana hot chocolate is my favorite. Regular hot chocolate and 2oz hot chocolate “shots” are available year-round. Their huge, fluffy marshmallows are just as famous as the hot chocolate. While the food is pricey (or “normal” for downtown New York City), I find it to be very good quality.










Happy munching!


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NYC Street Fair

Ah, street fairs. A sure indicator that warmer weather in New York City has arrived. Unfortunately, there was rain this past Saturday, but that didn’t stop me from getting a Mozzarepa! One of my fondest childhood memories is struggling to eat corn on the cob, and holding a cup of lemonade simultaneously. There is something exciting and different about walking in the street, looking at myriad of things to buy. Surprisingly, I had will-power and resisted buying a pair of brightly patterned pants. They would have been perfect for summer. So light! So pretty! No, really. I didn’t need them. I can’t think of a top that it would match. But elephants! And an elastic waist. Nope, didn’t need them. Definitely wanted them though…


Trying to learn to not be camera shy…                                                                                         PC: @fortheirsisariddlenomanswisdom

Chinese board games, a compass, and decorative stone carvings for sale.

Figurines and jewelry for sale.

Jewelry and clothes for sale from Tibet.

Nothing draws a crowd like a “$1 Thai Food” sign! My fair favorites are a Mozzarepa (best if shared, they’re kind of heavy on the stomach), corn on the cob, and Thai food.

Here is a link to a schedule for Manhattan street fairs:—street-festivals-in-manhattan-nyc-cms-387



This is not a sponsored post

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